Man Credits ‘Shark Attack’ For Saving His Life From Deadly Cancer

A man is thankful to be alive after a chilling encounter with a shark. The shark, he says, saved his life.

According to the Washington Post, Finney was swimming off the coast of Huntington Beach in California in 2015 when a shark came up from behind and slammed into him.

He told the Washington Post, “I would say it’s like being hit by a ton of bricks, or like whiplash from a car, but it’s not that. I’ve never been hit like that before.”

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

It wasn’t until he got out of the water that people noticed the blood coming out of Finney’s back, the Daily Star reported. He had a 12-inch cut running down his back, but he wasn’t sure what had caused it.

After reports began coming in of a great white shark in the area, Finney began to put things together.

The Washington Post reports that the pain and possible injuries Finnley sustained from the shark hitting him sent him to the emergency room and it’s a good thing because that trip to the ER ended up saving his life.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

During a CAT scan to check for injuries, the doctor discovered a cancerous tumor on Finnley’s right kidney. It was small enough and caught early enough that the doctor believed Finnley could recover.

Finnley credits the shark incident as “a sign from Mother Nature” to seek help from the hospital. If he hadn’t gone to the ER, they never would’ve found the cancer. It’s likely that the cancerous tumor would’ve remained undetected until it began spreading enough for symptoms to appear and at that point, it might’ve been too late.

Photo: YouTube/CBS Boston

“I would have started losing weight and getting sick and at that point it would have been too late. If I could find this shark and give it a hug, I would,” he told the Washington Post.

Check out the interview below:

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