Woman Gives New Hope To A Horse At The End Of His Rope

I think that most of us understand what it feels like to be hopeless, at least to a limited extent. Our lives tend to go along from one day to the next but when something devastating happens, it can really bring us to our knees.

It seems as if this is not only the case for us as humans, horses can also feel similarly. We see that clearly in the case of Shag-Ra, an Arabian stallion that had basically given up on life.

Photo: YouTube/Phyllis1221

Fortunately, there was a kindhearted individual who understood what it was like to live that type of life, and she knew the right thing to do. Her name is Phyllis Olson, and she was at the right place at the right time.

According to a video she shared on YouTube, Phyllis had suffered through a very emotional and difficult life from the time that she was very young. She was abused and after fleeing her home, she got married, ended up divorced, lost her children, and lived on the street. For most of her life, she abused alcohol.

Photo: YouTube/Phyllis1221

At the lowest point in her life, Phyllis was in prison but after she was released, she decided to get her life straight and get a horse. She had earned $300 while she was in prison and that is when she met Shag-Ra. Admittedly, the horse had some problems when she met him.

She spoke of the horse in the video, saying: “I walked in the barn and there was this skinny, little horse with the biggest, saddest brown eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.” It seems as if they were kindred spirits, so she took the horse to Canada to her little farm that she called “God’s Little Acre.”

Photo: YouTube/Phyllis1221

That is when they started to heal.

As Shag-Ra came to realize that he was now in a good place, he also started to develop his sense of humor and personality, both of which were fantastic. Phyllis then realized that she had to share her story and her horse with the rest of the world. Check it out below:

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