Where Do Service Dogs Wait While Guests Go On Rides At Disneyland?

If you spend any time at Disney World or any of the Disney parks, you realize that there are some people who need a little assistance.

In some cases, they may get assistance from a service dog and that pooch is there to help them, regardless of whether they are having difficulty walking or are dealing with a variety of health problems.

Photo: Pexels/Craig Adderley

Even though Disney does pick and choose when dogs are permitted into the park, any actual service dog is going to be welcome.

They don’t welcome comfort pets, although there are some hotels at Disney that accept those pets and they can wait in the room.

Photo: TikTok/@helperdognala

If you’ve ever seen a service dog at Disney, you may wonder what happens when their human goes on a ride. In some cases, the dog may ride along but as you will see in this video, that isn’t always true.

After this video was uploaded to TikTok, it was shown over 3 million times. It shows a golden retriever named Nala who was not able to ride a ride at Disney World but she got five-star treatment.

Photo: TikTok/@helperdognala

You can see Nala being escorted by her human and a Disney cast member to a crate in a nearby hall where she will wait for her human while the ride is taking place. After the ride, they will be reunited but Nala won’t be waiting alone. A park employee will be there to wait with her.

Check out the video below:

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According to the Disney World website, service animals may not be permitted to ride on certain attractions. If that is the case, it’s just a matter of asking a cast member about the options that are available.

Some of the rides where a service animal may not be permitted include water rides and fountains. There are also some restrictions for other rides, including Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

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