Turtle Drives Around On Hot Wheels While Owner Cleans His Pool

It’s commonly thought that turtles move slowly. It’s a stereotype that generally holds up, but not with Sergio the turtle.

Sergio lives with his owner, Kenny James, and on his own, he moves like a typical turtle – slowly.

Photo: TikTok/@kenny_james16

However, Kenny was able to fit Sergio with a special Hot Wheels car so Sergio can zoom around the house on wheels!

Kenny used Silly Putty to stick the little toy car to the bottom of Sergio’s shell and Sergio simply uses his legs to push off the ground and the wheels to do the rest of the work.

Photo: TikTok/@kenny_james16

It’s a genius little design and one Sergio quite seems to enjoy.

In an adorable video shared on TikTok, Kenny showed how Sergio passes the time while his pool is being cleaned. Like most turtles, Sergio loves to spend time in the water and his pool is an important part of his home.

Photo: TikTok/@kenny_james16

But sometimes, it needs to be cleaned which means he has to find something else to do away from his pool. The solution? Hot Wheels!

Sergio gets situated on top of his little car and zooms off around the house. It’s adorable! What a fun way to pass the time.

Check out the video below:

@kenny_james16 Pool cleaning day.. 💚🐢🏎…. #sergioturtle #zoomzoom ♬ Jackass – TV Theme Players

You can see more of Sergio the turtle on TikTok or Instagram.

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