Serena Williams Shares That Her Beloved Dog, Lauerlei, Has Passed Away

As it is commonly said, dogs make our lives whole, so it makes sense that we feel lost and empty after they cross the Rainbow Bridge. No matter how many years we have with our furry friends saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do.

Serena Williams, one of the greatest women’s tennis players of all time, shared on Instagram that her beloved dog, Lauerlei Linkogle Williams, passed away on Saturday. The little dog has been by her side for the past 18 years and Williams wrote, “Lauerlei sadly took her last breath yesterday. I am sad but happy for all the time and all the extra I got to spend with her. She lived a long long life.”

Williams went on to say, “She got to get anything she ever wanted and she was biting toes till the end. Literally.She LOVED chicken and acrobatics. She was the smallest yet toughest little pup and I will miss her… so much. 💔truly the end of an Era.”

The post was accompanied with several photos of Lauerlei that showed she was a cherished family member and will be missed by her humans and canine sibling, Chip. The Yorkshire terrier is comforting Williams and even joined her on the sidelines of the practice court at the U.S. Open.

Friends and fans sent their condolences and many fondly remembered meeting the pup and being bit by her. The feisty girl will not be forgotten.

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