Survey Shows Seniors Would Rather Give Up AC Than Visit A Doctor

Most of us feel uncomfortable when it’s time to visit the doctor. As it turns out, however, many people over the age of 64 would rather give up their comfort rather than go to visit a doctor.

According to SWNS Digital, this came to light after a survey took place that polled 2000 older Americans. Those individuals were aged 64 and older, and they had some interesting information to present.

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For example, one out of three said they would rather their spouse make the decisions in the home for the weekend or that the dishes would be done right after they eat for a week. They would also talk with their least favorite relative for the evening. Why? They would do these things if they could give up going to see their doctor.

ClearMatch Medicare commissioned this poll, which was conducted by OnePoll. According to SWNS Digital, in the survey, they found out that about 40% of those seniors felt calm and optimistic when they went to the doctor but about 33% felt anxious or even afraid. No wonder they would go to such great lengths to avoid it.

Perhaps because of that anxiety, 28% of the 2000 respondents said they haven’t visited the doctor in over a year, either because they couldn’t afford it or they just didn’t want to go.

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According to Yahoo!, Lynn Cicchelli, the HealthPlanOne creative director, said that nobody should ever put off seeing the doctor, especially if they are an adult. They speak about how important it is to find a Medicare plan that keeps the cost down.

The seniors also talked about how they didn’t care much for vaccines or blood work, which I’m sure many younger people would also agree with. 41% felt that the doctor just doesn’t care and 38% were worried when they heard the feedback from the doctor.

35% would not typically give their full story to the doctor, especially when it came to any concerns they have. They feel that the doctor was being judgmental when they spoke about their weight or eating habits.

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According to Yahoo!, the CEO of ClearMatch Medicare, Ben Pajak, said that it can be a scary process to find a doctor you can trust.

In fact, three out of five who took the poll said that they thought often about finding the right doctor. They also said that it took an average of six visits before they trusted their doctor.

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