Senior Shelter Dog Hopes To Wiggle His Way Into Someone’s Heart

Are you looking for a companion who will make you laugh, be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, and give you unconditional love?

Well, your search is finally over.

Meet Mugsy.

Photo: NYC Second Chance Rescue

The 11-year-old pit bull sees everyone as a friend and is waiting for someone to adopt him from NYC Second Chance Rescue. He was pulled from an overcrowded rescue to ensure he got the second chance he deserved.

He enjoys daily strolls and afternoon naps and would love to be the only pet in the home. According to his caretakers, “He thinks other dogs are overrated and knows that with his big personality, chunky bod, and goofy antics, he’s the only buddy you need around.”

Photo: NYC Second Chance Rescue

The “meatball”, as he is affectionately called by staff, is small and stout, weighing around 65 pounds. He is the perfect gentleman as he is house-trained and takes treats gently. Although he is considered a senior, he is still a playful pup who loves to chase balls.

If he doesn’t win you over with his personality and wiggle butt, then he is sure to steal your heart with his adorable smile. We all could learn a thing or two from this senior fella who enjoys the simple things in life.

Photo: NYC Second Chance Rescue

The rescue shares, “He waddles when he walks, wiggles when he’s happy, and is a great example of why people call dogs ‘man’s best friend.’”

Anyone interested in adopting Mugsy can apply here.

People from neighboring states are encouraged to adopt. The rescue posted, “we have transportation options available within 6 hours of NYC (so don’t let location hold you back)!”

NYC Second Chance Rescue is determined to help as many overlooked and at-risk shelter dogs as possible. They take in seniors, special needs, pit bulls, and even injured dogs to help them recover and find loving homes.

Just like many other animal shelters across the country, they need fosters and adopters. Visit their website and see how you can lend a helping hand.

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