Dog Who Has Been At Shelter For 7 Years Goes On Weekend Getaway In Tear-Jerking Video

Senior dogs are sadly passed by at shelters – especially ones that need to be the only pet in the home – but adopters are missing out on amazing dogs who have so much love to give. Senior dogs are not as energetic and destructive as puppies and teach us to enjoy the little things in life.

An 11-year-old dog named Leroy has been waiting for the past 7 years at Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary in King City, Ontario, for someone to adopt him. He has spent way too many nights in the kennel alone.

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Shelter worker, Stephanie Munro, decided to leave her two dogs at home and spoil Leroy with a weekend away at a cottage.

She posted a video of his time away on TikTok, which will make you cry. The caption reads, “Will Leroy ever find his forever family?”

Leroy is so happy just sniffing and exploring the great outdoors. Since he is a senior fella, he enjoys life at a slower pace and naps.


After spending so many nights sleeping in a kennel he didn’t realize the dog bed was for him and slept on the ground.

Kindhearted Stephanie wanted him to show him the bed was for him, so she made it bigger and enticed him with treats. She shared, “He slept so soundly on it all night.”


Many viewers were heartbroken when they heard Leroy’s story and cannot believe someone hasn’t adopted him. They commended Stephanie for the sweet gesture. “How has he been there for so long? He’s such a sweet soul. Bless you for giving him a break🥺 wish I could take him but I have an only dog at home🐾,” commented one person.

Another wrote, “7 years ?!? 😭 I hope he finds his family.”

The easy-going dog would love to find a forever home without children and where he is the only pet. He promises to love you unconditionally and make you smile every day.


Stephanie wrote, “At 11 years old, Leroy is slowing down. I would hate to see him spend another one of his precious years in a shelter.”

She is unable to adopt him as she has two dogs at home but hopes that someone out there will see the video and take him home. No applications have been received for Leroy yet, so please share this video with friends and family to help him find his person.


Will Leroy ever find his forever family?

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Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary is a 50-acre picturesque safe haven for dogs and horses. The animals are cared for and loved until they find a forever home. Learn more about how you can adopt or sponsor a shelter animal here.

Stephanie dedicates her time and energy to helping shelter dogs find forever homes and brings them on overnight adventures when possible. Follow her on TikTok for more videos and to see how the animal hero is making life better for shelter dogs.

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