A Senior Runner Inspiringly Ran His 600th Race at Age 85

Senior citizens with healthy and active lifestyles are great inspirations for younger people. They are proof that life doesn’t end when you reach your 30s and above. You may age, but that is not enough reason to stop doing what you love — unless your health is not in good condition. It helps the younger generation see that they can be unstoppable with persistence. This is a huge reminder to prioritize health to stay active until the senior years. As a result, you can still pursue your passion — a legacy that your family would be proud of. Age is really just a number, especially if you don’t allow it hinder you from living life to the fullest.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Physical activities like sports are a hobby that many people engage in. Most of them believe that it would become difficult once you reach senior age. However, Lee Minor can disprove that, as he is still an active runner, even at age 85. The man from Missouri loves running so much that he recently finished his 600th race. To make the moment even more special, he joined the event during his 85th birthday. It was a double celebration — reaching a milestone, although it seemed impossible. Lee Minor has been running races since 1969 — he hasn’t stopped since then. He runs three times a week because it makes him feel good. People expect that senior citizens can’t vigorously move, but Lee Minor is pain-free.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

In his interview with Good Morning America, he mentioned the reasons why he loves running. “I enjoy having a chance to just think and listen to music in my head, and I love the camaraderie of running,” Lee explained. The 85-year-old felt exuberant and jubilant when he finished the race. It was also clarified that it was race number 603 where he was joined by 32 members of his family. Running became their tradition — a legacy passed down to different generations.

“I’m a retired psychologist, and I worked alone. I traveled a great deal, and having an opportunity to run with family was so exhilarating to me. I miss them,” Lee said. Perhaps his desire to finally bond with his family kept him going. That love was apparent as he showed pictures of them during the interview. From his wife to his great-grandchildren, everyone had already participated in a race. Aside from engaging in race events, Lee Minor has another legacy to pass down. It’s the significance of staying active, because, apart from running, Lee Minor pursues other hobbies like being in a band. He is unstoppable!

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

He also shared additional life advice to the younger generation. “I hope they will never make negative self comparisons to other people, like, ‘why can’t I have the hair they have? Why can’t I run as fast as they do?’ Also, to be careful about what you tell yourself that you can’t do. We often just limit our possibilities,” Lee Minor advised. To anyone having a difficult time finding inspiration and motivation, watch his interview with Good Morning America. You have to be as persistent as the 85-year-old Lee Minor. Watch the video below to start believing in yourself again. Never stop running in the race of life — rest, but ensure you’ll continue until old age.

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