Time Might Have Passed, But Love was Still Apparent During the Reunion of Two Senior Best Friends

The friendships you have built through the years will be tested by time, distance, and several circumstances in life. It’s inevitable to grow apart from someone with whom you spent most of your life. Whether you’ve been best friends since you were in diapers or from high school, life will get in between. There will be a friend who will be busy with their career, or family life, migrate to another country, or you just outgrew each other. It’s saddening, but it’s the reality that everyone must face. Get-togethers will be much more occasional until it only becomes an annual gathering, maybe less.

Photo: Instagram/mukilmenon

Nevertheless, some friends will stay, and others will take years to reunite with you. If the friendship is built on an excellent foundation, the connection will remain intact once you see each other again. It’s as if you were back in high school, like a separation did not even happen. Physical attributes may age with time, but several things are constant — the love you have for one another and the joy you feel when together.

On Instagram, a great example of that friendship was shared by user mukilmenon. The two senior women had been best friends for over 80 years, and their reunion was immensely touching. One of the elderly women on the reel is the grandmother of mukilmenon, and the caption explains the reason for the reunion. The grandmother loves talking about her best friend and wishes to see her again. Her grandson made it possible — she was able to reminisce about memories with her most cherished friend. They talked about many things, exchanged stories, and shared laughter. Their heartwarming reunion made many people smile, giving the reel 364k views, 52k likes, and over 1k comments.

Instagram users filled the comment section with beautiful messages. The Instagram reel hits differently when you also have a best friend you wish to see during your senior years. It’ll make you think of the future and what life has in store for you and your friends. If your best friends are still within reach, make the most out of it and create more memories whenever possible. Also, send this Instagram post to your best friends or tag them in the comment section. It’ll be a fun conversation starter, especially when you haven’t seen each other for a while.

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