Insanely Cute Senior Dog, Mavis, Needs the Public’s Help in Securing a Forever Home

Update: Mavis has been adopted!

Meet Mavis, an adorable Cairn Terrier mix who is currently in the care of Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary in Marana, Arizona. Mavis came to them by way of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She reportedly had a tough time in the shelter but has settled well into her foster home.

Described as affectionate, gentle, quiet, dignified, a couch potato, and friendly, she is very sweet and loving and likes to cuddle and sleep with her humans. Cherished Tails noted she learned how to use the doggy door very quickly, so it’s likely she had used one before.

adoptable senior dog
Photo: Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary

Adoptable Senior Dogs

Mavis, who has been spayed, was provided with extensive dental work at the shelter that was much needed, so she will need wet food for life, as she only has a few teeth left. She is in great spirits, however, and doesn’t seem bothered by it.

This sweet little pooch walks well on a leash, but she is also a perfect “carry size” pet, and she also does just fine in a crate, although she has excellent house manners and is completely reliable in the home when left by her lonesome.

adoptable senior dog
Photo: Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary

Rescue Pets Rule

Mavis is estimated to be around 10 years old and weighs about 9 pounds. She does have some cataracts, as most older dogs do, but she is very peppy/spry for her age and doesn’t let it slow her down. One of her best traits, besides being house-trained, is that she is not an excessive barker, which is always a plus. She also gets along with other dogs.

adoptable senior dog
Photo: Cherished Tails Senior Sanctuary

Changing the Life of a Shelter Pet

The shelter has shared with us that Mavis has found her forever home! See how happy she is in her new home in the video below.

Please consider adopting a senior like Mavis. Adopting and fostering saves lives.

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