Unadoptable? I Think Not. Here Are Some Great Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Senior Dog

Looking to rescue a dog? Shelters offer a lot of options for those wanting to be a fur parent, old or new!

Dogs get surrendered at shelters for different reasons; we have different stories that feature a range of these dogs, including this deaf cutie, an allegedly gay dog, and this senior dog who was surrendered in such bad condition that it left people in utter disbelief.

Anyway, let’s not waste time thinking of the reasons why dogs, any pets really, get abandoned. Let’s all just focus on how important it is that these pets get the love and family that they deserve.

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Being one of the more “unlikely” bunch to get adopted, I’m here to show you the appeal of adopting a senior dog. One ultimate reason to adopt a senior dog is that dogs are adorable, no matter what age they are. That should be enough reason to adopt, no? If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list!


You can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Definitely untrue. Dogs are good learners. In fact, older dogs may be easier to teach in the sense that they won’t get easily distracted compared to puppies.

Speaking of puppies— you won’t experience the dreaded potty training and the teething phase if you adopt a senior dog. Clean furniture and intact shoes? Definite yes!

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This one’s kind of a pro for everyone, I think, but senior dogs are a bit more compatible with those who aren’t active. I’ve mentioned in another article that senior dogs still require regular exercise, so this is perfect whether you live an active or sedentary lifestyle.

Though if you’re more of an intense workout kind of person, maybe don’t take your senior dog if you’re going to run outside for an extended amount of time. Chill, regular walking or even swimming is a perfect activity for you and your (future) senior dog.


Dogs are full of love, this is a universal fact and no one can convince me otherwise.

Loyalty will never be questioned when it comes to our floofy pets. Sheltered old dogs will love you for giving them a chance for a new and happy family.
Old they may be, but we’re here to make sure they live the rest of their lives happily and healthily.
V is that they’re very, very extraordinarily valiant. Okay, I’ll admit that I couldn’t think of another V word. But “valiant” works so I’ll leave this here! It takes a lot of courage to make it this far in life!
Endearing is what they are. Stressed? Just look at their cute faces and all the tension in your body will disappear.

PHOTO: Unsplash/VetriScience Laboratories

E can also stand for established. Senior dogs are essentially experienced; with age comes wisdom, as they say. Unlike with puppies, senior dogs can be left without much supervision. So that’s another pro for the busy people reading this!

Hopefully I have given you enough reasons to consider adopting a senior dog!

For those who I have managed to convince, here’s another article where I give out some tips on how to care for senior dogs.

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