Elderly Dachshund Races Against Youngsters And Refuses To Give Up

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. That may or may not be true, but one thing is certain: a dog is never too old to work toward his dreams!

A senior pooch at Picnic Day at U.C. Davis in California recently demonstrated this when he attempted to compete in a race against other, younger Dachsunds.

Photo: Twitter/@tinysnekcomments

The “Doxie Derby” was set up in a gymnasium that was surrounded by packed bleachers. The crowd eagerly watched as the stubby dogs raced across the floor to the finish line – all of the dogs, but one.

You see, one of the dogs was much older than the others. At 14 years of age, he was nearing the finish line of life but that didn’t stop him from racing toward the finish line in the race.

Photo: Twitter/@tinysnekcomments

He may have been far behind the other dogs, but he kept trotting along until he finally reached the end.

Twitter user @tinysnekcomics shared a video of the senior pooch, writing: “the best part of @ucdavis picnic day was this 14 year old smuppy at the doxie derby crossing the finish line.”

Photo: Twitter/@tinysnekcomments

When the dog finally crossed the finish line, the crowd erupted in cheers! How precious.

Check out the video below:

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