A Senior Citizen Fulfills Bucket List Goals with the Help of Her Supportive Hospice Care Team

Old age terrifies a lot of people due to being less capable of doing whatever they want. That’s why it builds pressure for those in their 20s up to 40s to achieve goals as much as they can. There’s also the thought that they won’t be as outgoing as before, and illnesses will begin to develop. People fear the limitations that come along with old age, yet others persevere to prove them wrong. It’s not over until it’s over — do not crumple the paper where your bucket list is written because you still have a long way to go. With determination and a positive outlook, being a senior citizen won’t ever be a problem. It might get physically challenging, but as long as your mind is set on a goal, you can pursue a dream.

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Having health complications during your senior years will not be a wall between you and your dreams. Even under hospice care, your bucket list will be accomplished when surrounded by the best care team. Barbara Kling is so fortunate to have her hospice care team, as they became her companions in making dreams come true. At the age of 82, Barbara is still living her life to the fullest — moving around like she never aged at all. She kept her bucket list open despite having pulmonary fibrosis. Through her support system, Barbara reached the final thing she always wanted to try. Interestingly, she wishes to ride a zipline — she’s indeed a grandma with a heart for adventure.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Before the hospice care team allowed her to check the goal off her list, they ensured that the zipline is the safest one in the world. Barbara’s safety always comes first, and luckily, they found a place for her to do it. The senior citizen was completely unaware of their plans and was brought to the recreational site with a mask as a blindfold. You can feel the excitement after the hospice nurse informed her about ziplining. She was so happy throughout the ride and even requested to go for a second time. While ziplining, Barbara could not help but express her joy through words and was smiling from ear to ear.

“They tell me not to give up, and I won’t. I’m not a quitter. I’m a fighter. And I’m going to fight ‘til my last breath,” Barbara inspiringly said. The 82-year-old woman’s story can be your go-to motivation whenever you feel left behind. She’s also a reminder that old age is still a beautiful time — where you build a different appreciation for life. Have your adventures and experience something exhilarating until you can say that you have fully made it. Be as brave and bold as Barbara — hindering old age and illnesses from stealing your dreams.

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