Seamus The Cat Busts Out Adorable Dance Moves To Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on Instagram. But, the photo app has undergone a huge change since TikTok came out, mostly because it’s moving away from a photo-driven app to one that puts a huge emphasis on reels.

At first, I hated the changes and despised reels. But honestly, I’ve since been won over. Not only do I enjoy making my own book-is related reels, but I love watching reels – especially animal ones.

Photo: Instagram/@seamus_the_scottish_fold

Some of the animal influencers on Instagram have such cute and hilarious content now that reels are a major part of the social media platform.

I have to hand it to their owners for the effort they put into these little clips because they’re quite good. Perhaps one of the cutest videos out there is that of Seamus the Scottish Fold.

Photo: Instagram/@seamus_the_scottish_fold

Now, Seamus is already a pretty cute cat. He’s all black with long hair and large, yellow eyes. And, since he’s a Scottish Fold, his ears don’t stick out like other cats’ ears, instead staying pressed down close to his head.

His whole appearance is so cute and reminds me of a soot spirit from the movie “Spirited Away.”

Photo: Instagram/@seamus_the_scottishfold_cat

But if his appearance couldn’t make him any cuter, his owner’s editing of a reel set to the classic Michael Jackson song, “Smooth Criminal,” definitely does. Throughout the whole video, Seamus’ movements are perfectly synched up, making for a very entertaining and adorable watch.

Check out Seamus’ moves in the clip below:

That’s not his only adorable reel. Seamus is also featured in the Faith No More song, “Epic,” as he tries various times to steal food from his owner’s plate.

Watch him in action down below:

What do you think of Seamus and his hilarious reels? Do you make Instagram reels for your pets? Let us know!

You can see more of Seamus on Instagram, @seamus_the_scottish_fold.

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