Wild Seal Breaks Into New Zealand Family’s House And Makes Itself Right At Home

A home invasion is never something that is welcome unless it happens to be an adorable seal that has made its way into your house.

It seems as if that is what happened in New Zealand when a seal not only went into a home but made itself comfortable on the family sofa.

Photo: YouTube/Sky News Australia

It happened recently when the Ross family got home and found the unexpected visitor lounging on the couch. Although they aren’t exactly sure how the seal got inside, they do think that it may have come in through the cat flap.

Jenn Ross spoke with Reuters, saying: “I hear this flippity-flop along the hallway and it’s like, ‘oh, that would be a seal.’ I cannot believe that would’ve come in through there.”

Photo: YouTube/Sky News Australia

The children couldn’t help but be enamored by the unexpected houseguest. They even named him Oscar!

It seems as if the family was not all that unaccustomed to sealife, because the husband, Phil, was a Marine biologist. He had something more scientific to say about the way the seal was acting, referring to him as a good houseguest,” according to Reuters. After all, the seal didn’t poop one time in the house.

Photo: YouTube/Sky News Australia

Jenn was able to get the seal outdoors again and eventually, Oscar was picked up by a conservation Ranger. They said that the influx of island seals to the area had caused him to have a lot of calls about picking up seals.

Check out the video below:

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