Cuddly Seal Loves This Biologist, and It Can’t Get Enough Warm Hugs

The area of the Earth that consists of wild waters and land is so vast and expansive that cases of lost baby animals are often reported. Not only that, but habitat destruction also causes parent and baby separation — which is dangerous for the little one’s survival. Baby seals are meant to spend a maximum of three months with their mothers before they can survive independently. During the development stage, they are taught to hunt, fly, swim, and socialize with others. The presence of a mother is vital for food, warmth, and affection.

Photo: Pixabay/diego_torres

With how often these cases happen, many rescue organizations have already established sanctuaries for those animals. The facility takes the responsibility of being foster parents for the baby animals. Once they have learned survival, the rescue organization will return them to their natural habitat. Being involved in something that gives hope is truly fulfilling — especially when you receive hugs from those animals. It’s like their way of showing appreciation for the person who cared for them. Moreover, warm hugs can also be their way of finding comfort.

Photo: Youtube/Good Morning America

Recently, footage has resurfaced on the internet that involves a biologist and a seal pup. In the video, the seal pup was clinging to the biologist and seemed to have a smile on its face. The biologist was Natalia Cara de Medeiros; she was a volunteer on a rescue mission in Uruguay when the video was recorded. Apparently, the baby seal was separated from its parents at a very young age. The pup might’ve felt comforted with Natalia’s presence — it needed a hug after what it went through.

“Although marine animals don’t usually like human contact. He was feeling a bit needy on this particular day and decided to climb into my arms for a cuddle. I guess we all need a hug every once in a while,” the biologist explained. Getting separated from a parent during an age when everything is unfamiliar is saddening. One big, tight hug can definitely take some of the heartbreak away and is enough for a seal pup to have high hopes again.

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