Seal Tries To Play Fetch With A Dog On The Beach

It is long suspected that seals are just water dogs with flippers instead of paws. Now, there is video proof that seals really are water dogs.

One surf photographer in Santa Cruz managed to capture some rather incredible footage of a dog and a seal becoming friends.

Photo: Facebook/Gregg Levoy

But besides them just becoming friends, they also engaged in a rather sweet game of fetch together.

It’s no secret that dogs are quite friendly and like to enjoy life. It’s part of the reason why we love them so much. As it turns out, seals aren’t that different from their land companions.

Photo: Facebook/Gregg Levoy

The video footage is perfect proof of this. The surf photographer managed to get a video of the seal coming in close to shore, curious about what was happening.

It’s then that it becomes apparent that there is a toy involved, and the seal clearly wants in on this. As soon as the ball gets tossed, the dog and the seal are off!

Photo: Facebook/Gregg Levoy
Photo: Facebook/Gregg Levoy

The seal is quite agile as it cuts through the water in pursuit of the ball. But who will get to it first, dog or seal?

Check out the adorable friendship blossom in the waves down in the video below:

My girlfriend‘s brother— Dave Nelson, aka "Nelly," a surf photographer in Santa Cruz—took this incredible footage of a seal chasing after a ball with his dog— on a beach in SC.Never seen anything like it.And I just heard that the video got picked up by USA Today!

Posted by Gregg Levoy on Tuesday, August 23, 2022

What do you think? Has your dog ever met a seal? Let us know!

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