This Diver Shared a Remarkable Moment with a Sea Turtle Who Approached Him for Help

Not all people can have the chance to visit the marine environment. Some may experience it through scuba diving, but they only get to do it a few times in their life. The environment underwater can mesmerize you — there is really a lot about the world that you should discover, and most of it is below the sea. For this reason, some people would take scuba diving lessons to witness the beauty of the ocean and all its majestic creatures. Instead of having a mermaid tail, you have complete scuba diving attire to make your underwater journey safe and comfortable. You’ll build a different appreciation for the world once you fall in love with scuba diving. It’s most especially memorable when a sea creature interacts with you.

Photo: Youtube/guy lloyd

Aside from swimming with fish, you’ll come face to face with dolphins, crabs, coral reefs, sea turtles, and more. Seeing them in their natural habitat will certainly make your jaw drop. Scuba divers often share their stories involving marine animals — one of them gets to swim close and communicate with a sea turtle. A video was shared on Youtube where a man was simply capturing underwater beauty with a camera. It was a normal day for a scuba diver when suddenly a sea turtle appeared. At first, it looked like it was just a passerby, but then it shockingly approached the scuba diver — as if the sea turtle was telling him something. Turns out the friendly marine animal was asking him for a favor.

Photo: Youtube/guy lloyd

Apparently, the sea turtle had a shell situation, and amazingly enough, it somehow knew that the scuba diver could help it. As it swam closer to the guy, he noticed the turtle had another shell on its back. Sometimes other creatures hitchhike on a turtle’s back, and their usual removers are fish. Perhaps during that time, there were no helpful fish in the area. The shell might have been so heavy for him that the turtle could not swim well because of the pressure.

Sea turtles have nerve endings on their shell, and a heavy passenger can be intolerable for them. Thankfully, the scuba diver got its message and removed the shell on its back. It was indeed a magical experience, and fortunately, it was caught on video. Animals are truly intelligent and capable of communication — witness that in the footage below.

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