Leave Our Beach! Sea Lions Chase Away Tourists at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California

“The sea lions were sleeping and were just massive on the beach, and I was just watching them, and this woman got really close to them, like 4 feet away, and was trying to take a photo of it up close, and it just woke up and started chasing everybody,” Charlianne Yeyna, who took the video footage, told NBC 7.

Photo: Twitter/Anthea

Yeyna’s Tiktok video of the two sea lions at La Jolla Cove in San Diego, California, went viral. The marine mammals appeared in pursuit of frightened beachgoers, who quickly ran from them.

But, it was clear that the sea lions wanted to get away too, as one of them swam into the waters with the other immediately following.

Photo: Twitter/Anthea

What’s 100% factual is that the sea lions got disturbed while sleeping quietly on the beach, based on Yeyna’s story.

For such a long time, many wildlife species have been keeping themselves in a quiet corner as people encroach on their habitats and refuge. Many of them have lost their home, food sources, and peaceful existence.

Yet, we refuse to leave them alone.

Photo: Twitter/Anthea

This incident at the La Jolla Cove may seem a “small” one, but these wildlife disturbances are actually a global problem. Disturbances and encroachment have resulted in human-animal conflict, aside from other problems, like the emergence of urban predators.

According to experts, we should keep our distance from wild animals, no matter how adorable they are.

“People should be cautious and keep their space at a reasonable distance,” a SeaWorld spokesperson told NBC 7. “Although sea lions may get close to visitors along the beach, it’s always recommended that we/the public do not get close and interrupt their behavior.”

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