Ocean Scanner Makes Scientists Question If The Megalodon Still Exists

If there is one thing that we know about the oceans, it’s the fact that we don’t know much about them. We may have an idea of what exists on the surface but there is still much to be explored in the deep blue sea.

This includes some creatures that we have no idea existed in the first place. Others we may have thought disappeared many years ago but they are still hiding out under the waves.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Recently, scientists were questioning something that they knew for sure just a few short years ago. It was a question as to whether the Megalodon still exists after some unusual shapes were picked up on an ocean scanner.

The Atlantic Shark Institute shared a picture on Instagram. In the image, there was a rather unusual shape that was seen on an ocean scanner during a recent trip. That made them wonder, “Does the Meg exist?”

I have to admit, looking at the picture makes me wonder about something very similar. Considering the sheer size of the ocean and how much could be hiding underneath the water, it’s not out of the question for something to be there and nobody to know it.

The post said: “On a recent shark research trip we were all amused to see this shape appear on our fish finder for several minutes. Based on the length of the image we estimated the ‘Meg’ to be about 50 feet long, weighing in at 40 tons!”

Photo: flickr/recontx

If you are one of those who has a little concerned about getting in the water because of great white sharks, the thought that a gigantic prehistoric predator may be swimming in the water is enough to keep you off of the sand as well.

For those who are concerned about sharks, you don’t have to worry about Meg. As it turns out, it was a false alarm, although it is one that did raise some interesting questions.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the Institute’s post: “We waited for one of the rods to go off however, much to our disappointment, the shape started to transition into a large school of Atlantic mackerel that hung around the boat for about 15 minutes.”

The fact that the Megalodon (Otodus megalodon) disappeared more than 3 million years ago is still a matter of record. For a short amount of time, however, they had to question that fact.

I guess that’s what science is all about.

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