Scientist Discovers New Species While Attempting to Break Underwater Living Record

Many of us live under pressure, but not the type of pressure that Dr. Joseph Dituri lives with every day. He is trying to break the record for living underwater by spending at least 100 days 30 feet below the surface.

According to his website, the scientist placed this challenge on himself and soon was submerged in a Florida lagoon. By monitoring his body, they could see how someone would react to being under that amount of pressure for months.

Photo: Flickr/jennifer gergen

Considering the fact that he is living in a 30-square-foot room, it hasn’t been the most pleasant experience. There was something that happened that made it worthwhile, however. He discovered a new species.

According to The Independent, the specimen is a single-celled organism, and even though it has been in the area for a long time, nobody has picked up on it yet. Microbiologists are now studying the specimen to make sure it is a new species.

Photo: Flickr/jennifer gergen

Along with discovering new single-celled organisms, Dr. Dituri has been helping scientists to see how the human body reacts under high pressure. By measuring his psychological and medical profiles, it may make a difference for others who also have to live under the water.

Nobody is sure how living so long under the water will affect a person. They do think he will shrink about 1 inch in height and it could affect his immune system and how long he lives.

Photo: Flickr/Governor Tom Wolf License: CC BY 2.0

It’s a dangerous undertaking, but he feels it is worth it on a number of levels. If he stays underwater until May 14, he will surpass the current world record of 73 days and be on his way to 100 days.

You can keep up with his journey and discoveries on Instagram, @drdeepsea.

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