Feisty Guard Dog Protects His Family And Home From Curious Black Bear

Small dogs have a reputation for being “yappy” and occasionally nippy. It’s not because they’re aggressive, but they may just be protective of their home and loved ones.

A Schnauzer named Liebs is one such dog. Liebs may be small but he takes his duty as a guard dog very seriously.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

The 12-year-old pooch lives with his owners in Duluth, Minnesota.

Duluth, Minnesota is home to plenty of wildlife, including black bears. On one particular occasion, a curious black bear decided to pay Liebs’ home a visit and the dog wasn’t thrilled about it.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

In a video shared by USA Today, you can see the black bear walking by the windows outside and the dog’s owner calls him over so he can see the bear.

As soon as Liebs spots the intruder, he’s all bark! The dog goes full defense mode, pulling from every bit of guard dog he has in his body.

Photo: YouTube/USA Today

However, it seems that the dog is all bark and no bite because as soon as the bear stood up and put his paws on the glass, Liebs was out of there!

The dog wanted to be a guardian, but when it came down to it, he was too afraid to face the massive black bear.

You can watch the encounter for yourself in the video below:

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