Scared Shelter Dog Cowers in a Corner Before Getting a Happy Home

Not every shelter cares for the animals that live within their walls. There are some shelters that even neglect or abuse those animals, leading to tragic results.

A dog named Harden found himself in just such a situation. The majority of his life was spent at a local shelter that was known for being neglectful and treating dogs poorly.

Photos: YouTube / The Moho

Harden and the other dogs at the shelter were kept in cramped, dirty cages and not given any attention. There was very little food, so the dogs were always fighting, and this led to some injuries.

He Was Very Stressed

This little dog was so stressed out that he would spend most of his time cowering in the corner of the cage. He had been bitten by other dogs and was timid and frightened.

Photos: YouTube / The Moho

Harden also had a broken spine, so he had to drag his hind legs around when he tried to walk. The saddest part was that the shelter knew he had the injury, but they just let him lie in his cage and did nothing about it.

Fortunately, a kindhearted individual heard about his story and showed up to help. Although Harden felt as if he was without hope, his situation was about to get a lot better.

Getting Some Medical Attention

The kind rescuer took Harden to a veterinarian. They gave him a bath and looked him over. Harden was then given food and some medical attention. They also found out that his condition could be treated.

Harden started on some physical therapy right away to help improve his strength and mobility. They also provided him with a special gift that would change his life forever.

Photos: YouTube / The Moho

It was a wheelchair that was specially fitted to help him move around. Once he got accustomed to the wheelchair, he began to explore his surroundings and even walked outside to enjoy some fresh air.

Harden began to gain confidence, making new dog friends and starting to enjoy his new life. That life was now a happy one, as he had people that cared for him and the freedom to live the life he deserved.

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