Learning the Importance of Saying “No”

Providing help, accepting requests, and doing favors is part of building connections with other people. However, there should be a line, especially when it’s becoming too much. A person has the right to reject requests or answer a clear “No” — boundaries should be shown. That one word is a powerful tool that can save you from complications and inconveniences. It’ll be hard because you may think it’s not nice, but you cannot please everyone — it’s not your duty to answer every beck and call. Nowadays, people on the internet have been sharing the significance of saying “No” in their lives. Based on their experience, it has improved their daily life.

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Redditors shared their reasons why a definite “No” says everything. The discussion was started by an LPT post from Uberslaughter. “No is a complete sentence.” OP added, “Or if you want to be polite, ‘no thanks.’ Or if it’s a friend/family member, ‘I’d love to but, unfortunately, have a prior obligation/commitment.’ You don’t need to feel bad about it, and you don’t need to over-explain or really even provide an explanation at all.” It’s as clear as responding with a yes — turning others down is a right. Self-love also starts with weighing the requests and favors that deserve your attention, time, and effort. You’ll be more enlightened while reading the comment section thread. Here are a few of their answers.

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Avoids Consequences and Regrets

Every action begets a consequence. Saying yes to a certain question or request can lead to various possibilities. Sometimes the result will make you regret failing to say no. “Yup – it’s an amazing little word that, when used well, can help you avoid all kinds of problems… typically much better to deal with a little embarrassment/pushback early on than deal with the consequences of a situation you could have avoided,” Spottswoodeforgod wrote. For instance, a stranger or an acquaintance giving you a drink at a party. You’ll never know if the drink was laced with something or not. It’s best to turn them down, especially when your gut tells you the offer is fishy.

Employee Rights

“Very useful, especially when your employer asks you to work overtime or weekend. Just say no. You have no reason to explain why,” Aggressive_Chain_920 commented. Even though employees are paid, they still are entitled to a full weekend. You can say yes from time to time, especially if badly needed, but you don’t have to give all your weekends in a month. Employers must understand a definite “No,” or else employees might get drained from working. If the overtime work is unnecessary, then do not hesitate to give a hard pass. You can even answer with “I’m not available” so that a short reason is provided.

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Prioritizing Personal Matters

Everyone has a life outside of work, friendships, school, etc. You can’t always attend gatherings or meet up due to your schedule. It’s alright to say that you have a prior commitment and that you’ll make it up to them next time. “One time my brother invited me to go golfing with him on Sunday, but I had been working brutal long weeks and hadn’t seen much of my family (home long after bedtime every night for a few weeks). I told him, ‘I’m taking my son to the zoo, have fun golfing.’ He calls me back an hour later. ‘Great news, I talked to mom, she’ll go to the zoo with him, so now you can play!’ Lesson learned. No is a complete answer. Anything else invites someone to solve why not,” threeputtking19 shared.

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Saying No or other versions of it in a sentence is an important habit to learn. You don’t have to justify yourself if you don’t want to do something against your will. Those who cannot accept a hard pass must learn to widen their perspective. A Redditor pointed out that some people would negatively react to getting a No. Uberslaughter replied, “That should be seen as further validation for your decision and, without knowing their non-neurotypical condition or explanation/apology on their end after the fact, be reason enough (in my book at least) to cease interaction if they can be avoided. Ain’t got time or energy for that.”

The comment section is an interesting thread to read — like you’re attending a self-help seminar. Lots of points were made and lessons were freely given by Redditors. You can also join the discussion if you have stories and opinions you’d like to share with others.

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