Piglet Rescued From Hoarder Now Living in Sanctuary and Getting Snuggles on Demand

Animals born into hoarding situations can face malnutrition, health issues that aren’t addressed, and poor living conditions. One special piglet began his life at such a farm, but these days, he’s living it up at a sanctuary.

Sawyer was born to breeders who were hoping to make money off of him at a swap meet. He was among a litter of piglets with physical abnormalities, including no back legs. Hercules’ Haven, the farm animal sanctuary where he is now, said this was likely due to inbreeding. While he escaped that, his next destination was also problematic.

In an Instagram post, Hercules’ Haven explained, “Sawyer was adopted by a family who thought they had done their research on caring for potbelly pigs. This family decided they could not care for this lil babe and left him kenneled for long periods of time and gave him food instead of attention when he just needed a cuddle.”

Fortunately, third time was the charm for this sweet little pig when the sanctuary welcomed him into their ranks. He joined other pigs who had also been rescued from less than ideal situations, including Beatrice, one of his favorite cuddle buddies. Pictures of the duo can be found sprinkled throughout Hercules’ Haven’s Instagram feed. Bea was picked up by animal control in bad shape, nearly blind and far too heavy. The sanctuary helped her turn things around.

These days, Sawyer is enjoying snuggles on demand, sneaking a few bites of produce before it’s put away, and “lawn mowing,” which Hercules’ Haven says is his favorite activity.

In a post, they wrote, “He is the happiest little guy and adores being able to graze and roam the sanctuary freely. He quickly learned how to open the back door to let himself outside and inside. His family Bea and Dori have taught him well.”

To see more about sweet Sawyer, check out the video below! And be sure to follow Hercules’ Haven on Instagram.

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