Save Money This Winter (and All Year Round) By Eliminating This One Thing From Your Pet’s Diet

With inflation still wreaking havoc on our budgets, pet owners everywhere are looking for ways to cut back and save money this winter. If you’re concerned with rising costs and facing costly heating bills this winter, you are probably looking for ways to cut corners. This is especially important during a time more and more pet owners are facing the unthinkable: surrendering their pets due to a lack of funds. One vet has a suggestion that can help save money and help keep your pets from gaining unnecessary pounds during a season when they may not get as much exercise as needed.

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Skip the Treats

The money we spend on pet treats can add up quickly. Veterinarian Dr. Scott Miller is encouraging owners to keep an eye on how much they’re feeding their pets and reach out to charities, shelters, and animal food banks if they’re struggling to keep their pets fed. Miller recently told ITV News, “There are some amazing charities that are helping to keep pets healthy and well-fed in their own homes.

“In my 25 years of experience as a clinical practicing vet, unfortunately, up to 50 percent of every pet I see is obese. It’s because they are consuming too many calories. A great way to save money is to just cut out treats – either reduce them dramatically or cutting them out entirely.” This is just one of his suggestions, and he offers four more in the interview.

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Pet Obesity

There was a 108 percent increase in overweight or obese dogs reported between the years 2011 and 2020. That’s quite a significant rise. Not only that, but it’s really bad news for our pet’s health, which can lead to costly vet bills. With the cost of living so high right now, every little bit helps, and this might be a good place to start cutting corners in your own home. No one says you have to cut Sparky off completely, but a reduction in treats leads to a reduction in calories and a reduction in costs. It’s certainly worth thinking about.

dog treats
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Cost of Pet Food

In addition to your local shelters and food charities like Cody’s Friends, some pet brands are offering other ways to reduce spending, like BarkBox with their recent offer to provide pet food at a fixed rate if you sign up for the program. Individually, it still may not be enough for you to hang on to your pet, but investigating these resources and taking advantage of as many of them as you can might just prove to be your saving grace this winter.

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