Rescuers Save Mama Dog And Her Mange-Ridden Pups From Life Of Desperation

A mama dog and her three puppies are living their best lives thanks to some rescuers who gave them a chance to start over.

Volunteers with Sidewalk Specials were doing a Steri Drive in De Doorns in South Africa when they came across the mama dog and her pups.

The dogs were in terrible condition and their owner had just lost his job and couldn’t afford to feed them. Thankfully, he was willing to surrender the dogs to Sidewalk Specials.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

The mama, Sandy, was too scared to leave her crate when rescuers got her to the vet. They realized she’d need more than medical care – she’d need love, patience, and a place to decompress and learn how to trust.

The vet found Sandy was malnourished, mangy, and suffering from tick bite fever. Her puppies were riddled with parasites and mange.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

They got treatment started for all the dogs and settled them into a foster home. In the foster home, they’d learn to overcome their trauma, decompress, and play!

Eventually, the three puppies were ready to go off to their forever homes. They found awesome families and made incredible transformations!

Meet Toffee:

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Meet Smudge:

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Meet Peanut:

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Sidewalk Specials then began searching for a forever home for Sandy, but it wasn’t easy. They shared post after post on social media, hoping to find her a loving family. She attended multiple adoption day events, but no one was interested.

Five long months passed and Sandy wasn’t getting any interest from potential adopters. But finally, her day came. A loving family wanted to adopt her!

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

She’s now surrounded by plenty of doggy friends, humans that love her, and an abundance of toys. She’s living her best pup life possible!

Watch the video below:

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