Lash Salon Has a Full-Time Feline Employee Who “Makes Biscuits” for Every Client

You’ve probably been to a few establishments in your lifetime that had a resident cat hanging around. Usually these privileged felines spend their days lounging in a windowsill or winding around newcomers’ legs, demanding to be petted. But there’s one cat who not only hangs out in her owner’s shop – she works there full-time.

The cat, who goes by the name “Kitty,” works hard at her mom’s lash salon. While her mom gives people eyelash treatments, she laboriously “makes biscuits” for each client, effectively giving them a little massage by kneading them with her adorable little paws.

Photo: YouTube/Brennan Rogers

Most cats knead with their paws for their own comfort. They do it to make themselves feel cozy and to recall what it was like to be a little kitten. Whether they do this activity on a blanket, a leg, or another surface, they typically only partake of it for as long as it suits their fancy. Kitty, on the other hand, seems to take her biscuit-making career very seriously. She alone is responsible for this important mission, and she never fails to come through for her expectant guests.

The look on her face as she gives her massages seems to say that she’s overworked and underpaid, but don’t let this sourpuss fool you. We suspect that she actually adores her clients and loves her job.

Photo: YouTube/Brennan Rogers

One thing is for sure. The complimentary massages are a big part of what keeps this place’s client base coming back time after time. Customer satisfaction is undoubtedly among this cat’s top priorities, and it shows! If you love cats, massages, and getting your eyelashes done, this is absolutely the place for you!

We want to know how we can book a massage with this excellent little masseuse! It might take her a little longer to get the job done than a typical masseuse, but we can only imagine there must be a myriad of extra health benefits to having a purring cat work on you.

Watch the video below to see Kitty’s amazing work!

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