Stop Blending In! LED Pet Products that Make Evening Walks Safer

Now that the days are shorter, you’re more likely to find yourself out after dark trying to get that last walk in for Fido or Buster before calling it a day. For decades, safety experts have recommended wearing white or light-colored clothing and pinning reflectors and/or flashing lights somewhere on your person for evening walks and exercise.

Over the last few years, however, the emphasis has switched to pet products, with manufacturers stepping up their game with some brilliant items with safety in mind.

dog at dusk
Photo: Pixabay/tortugadatacorp

LED Pet Products

Bright and colorful, LED pet products are a far better alternative than collars, leashes, and harnesses using reflective materials. Not that there is anything wrong with those, but glow-in-the-dark products offer constant illumination rather than counting on reflective material or tape to alert drivers that people and pets may be ahead. That technology, while helpful, isn’t always enough to grab the attention of drivers in time. There is no mistaking a continuously lit collar, leash, or harness.

Used together, you’ve got an unbeatable combo. In addition to walks, LED dog accessories are a great way for keeping track of pets more easily in low-lighting situations.

glowing dog collar
Photo: Amazon/Masbrill

LED Collars for Dogs

Also waterproof, several companies are selling these LED collars in a variety of eye-catching colors now. Most come with on/off switches and operating modes that include regular and flashing, just like you’d see on a bicycle for night rides or the ones you can purchase for attaching to your clothing, as mentioned above.

Cool looking when lit, another plus is these glow-in-the-dark dog collars feature replaceable batteries with 60-80 hours of battery life, depending on usage, and some are even rechargeable.

glowing dog leash
Photo: Amazon/NiteyLeash

Glow-in-the-Dark Leashes

For an added layer of protection and visibility, pair your dog’s glow-in-the-dark collar with a glow-in-the-dark leash from a brand like Nitey Leash. Every bit as neon bright as the assortment of collars available, these vibrant leashes up your profile so that there is no mistaking you and your pet after sunset. In addition to Nitey, there’s Blazin Safety, ILLUMISEEN, BSEEN, Candofly, Nite Ize, that’s rechargeable, and others to choose from.

glowing dog harnesses
Photo: Amazon/Vizbrite

Glow-in-the-Dark Harnesses

A manufacturer called Bizbrite is selling harnesses with the same neon detailing in an array of collars. Paired with the leash and collar, you should be able to see them from outer space — or at least a half a block away. Bizbrite’s walking harnesses feature convenient hand straps located on the back of the harness vests to quickly and easily pull your pet back or for lifting them from water.

Also rechargeable, they’re made from soft, breathable Neoprene panels that are padded to reduce or negate discomfort and pressure on your pet. With all of these illuminated dog products, you’ll never have to worry about fading into the darkness again.

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