Man Takes Cello To Nursing Homes After Witnessing The Power Of Music

Ever since many of us were young, we’ve enjoyed music. Although our taste in music may have changed over the years, the fact that we enjoy hearing it is something that will last for the rest of our lives.

One man who knows this very well is Ryan Carney. He experienced something so profound in his life that it caused him to take a turn and do something that is now bringing music to people who need it the most.

Photo: YouTube/WGN News

According to WGN News, it all started when his father got brain cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer and treatment rendered his father unable to speak but then the movie “Stand by Me” started playing at a family get-together.

When the movie was playing, his father started singing. He said that it was hardly explainable and he has a difficult time talking about what happened down to this day.

Photo: YouTube/WGN News

In his words: “I’m not a doctor, but I know that music is known to be the universal language. And when language is barricaded by a disease, sometimes music can penetrate that like nothng else can.”

That is why Ryan decided that he would take his cello and began playing at senior care facilities. He knew that the residents needed music just as much as his father did and he is dedicating his life to making sure that they get the music they need.

Photo: YouTube/WGN News

It started with him going to certain senior care homes and playing the cello but it was rather random. He hoped that the music would touch people who are having cognitive problems similar to how his father was touched by the music he heard.

As it turns out, the residents at the senior care facilities really love to hear him play. They would come out into the foyer to hear him and they would sit and listen as he played for as long as he did.

Photo: YouTube/WGN News

Speaking with WGN News, he said: “When I get to help people trigger that chemistry in their heads through music, it is the absolute greatest feeling in the world.”

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