Employee Is Thankful That His Company Tolerated And Celebrated His “Ridiculous Cubicle Overhaul”

Office jobs can be so formal sometimes – no casual clothes, talking to people can get stuffy, and you have to be really careful when you’re around your boss or anyone with seniority in the office. Things like that can deter anyone from pursuing a 9-5 job.

But not every company is like that. A new hire doesn’t always get cold shoulders and suffer in the corporate jungle that is the office.

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Google is probably one of the most famous examples of a fun office environment with its crazy layout, colorful spaces, and various ‘playgrounds’ where their employees can enjoy their numerous perks while they work. But that’s a big corporation though; not everyone gets the luxury of working in a massive building.

So what can you do if you’re only given a small cubicle to work?

Get creative.

One CEO shared a very impressive renovation made by one of his newest team members on Twitter last year.

“Recently one of our newest team members asked if he could decorate his cubical. When I said yes, I wasn’t expecting this…”

You know what? If I had that kind of office space, I’d never want to come home. All it lacks is a cot and I’d be set for life.

Lucas Mundt, the employee that decorated this cubicle, didn’t just stop at putting some wallpaper and other rustic decorations in his ‘office cabin,’ and he didn’t forget to decorate his airspace as well.

His CEO said that Mundt actually held back a bit when he was decorating his cubicle.

And this is what his cubicle looked like after he hung the chandelier.

Man, that first picture looks so cozy though…

As expected, the CEO’s tweet went viral, and he even made Mundt give a guided tour of his mountain cabin of a cubicle. Mundt responded that he would like a heads up the next time the internet makes him viral just so he could prepare better and dress up a little more. Watch his tour in the tweet below.

Lucas Mundt tweeted a meme that perfectly sums everything up that made him viral.

How would you decorate your office space?

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