A Rottweiler Fell in Love with Her Mom’s Guinea Pigs and Can’t Last a Day Without Them

Anyone would be lucky to receive love and care from a dog. They are overflowing with light and affection — willing to give a lot for others. That’s why it’s undeniable how dogs are loved all over the world. Pet parents never run out of beautiful stories about their beloved pups. Fascinatingly, dogs don’t only show affection to humans but to other animals as well. Female dogs can even extend maternal care regardless of the species. They truly are a gift to humankind and the animal kingdom. Their loyalty and protectiveness know no bounds. Countless social media posts prove their amazing qualities and are often the most viral ones. A household with a dog is truly a blessed home.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

In Beth’s home, even her guinea pigs are showered with love by their dog, Meisha. The female Rottweiler fell in love with the adorable rodents to the point that she acts like their mother. “She treats the guinea pigs like her puppies. She cleans them. She watches them while they’re playing,” Beth shared. Meisha is extra clingy toward the guinea pigs, and she sometimes even enters their cage. Beth would funnily call her out, saying that she doesn’t fit inside the enclosure. What’s more endearing is that the first thing Meisha does after waking up is visit her beloved guinea pigs.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

The rodents also acknowledge the rottweiler’s presence and are very comfortable with her. According to Beth, eating in front of others is a sign of comfort for guinea pigs. They happily munch whenever Meisha is around — her presence is already part of their life. She’s also the resident babysitter whenever everyone is out. Meisha looks at the guinea pigs as if her eyes are about to pop out hearts.

And when they aren’t in their cage, she quickly searches for them. “One time I had to move the cage because I was cleaning, and when I let her back in, she just went into full mother meltdown mode, thinking her babies were missing,” Beth said. “If the guinea pigs go anywhere, Meisha will take herself into that room. She is extremely protective of them,” she added. The rottweiler even guards the guinea pigs from Beth’s cat. She has indeed built a wonderful relationship with them — the guinea pigs are surely grateful for her efforts.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

Apparently, it was love at first sight for Meisha. Perhaps it all started with curiosity until she grew fond of them. However, they tried to gradually introduce her to the guinea pigs. At first, she was only allowed to approach them when the rodents were held. They waited for the guinea pigs to be comfortable with her. Meisha evidently was excited the first time she got close to them. Beth closely observed her pets mingling because she was worried about Meisha’s size. But all Meisha ever showed was adoration for the guinea pigs. They have an interesting connection which you can witness in the video below.

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