Watch a Rooster Take an Inspiring First Walk After Overcoming Leg Paralysis

Losing an ability is absolutely terrifying — you’ll never know if you’ll learn to do it again. It’s scarier if it’s the ability to move a part of your body that is essential to your daily life. One of the most terrifying conditions would be leg paralysis. Not being able to walk can negatively impact someone — especially their mental health. This will raise a lot of questions, and it can make someone feel inadequate.

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For this reason, a support system is vital during the recovery stage. You’ll need people who will encourage and aid you in overcoming negative thoughts that can hugely affect the healing process. Sadly, even animals can experience leg paralysis. Lucky for this rooster, he has someone who supported him throughout his recovery. Napoleon is a rooster from the Alpaca Treehouse in Atlanta, which is being managed by his human friend, Kara.

“Napoleon landed in a terrible situation. He was hung upside down, and he lost movement in both of his legs,” Kara explained. “At first, he was just a feathered lump in a towel donut. Neither leg was functioning at all.” They had to consult a vet to further understand Napoleon’s condition. According to the vet, Napoleon’s legs weren’t entirely numb, which sparked hope for Kara. From day one, the Alpaca Treehouse owner ensured that Napoleon was given extra care. She became the rooster’s companion — which was extremely helpful for him.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

After a week, Napoleon just stayed in one place but slowly returned to his livelier self. Kara took it as a good sign of recovery; then they started with physical therapy. Napoleon was so cooperative during each therapy session — his determination was apparent. Seeing him gradually learn how to walk again without any fuss was wonderful. He was listening to everything the therapist instructed him to do.

Photo: Youtube/The Dodo

“We would do these mini sessions a couple times a day. I had no idea what the outcome would be, but we never gave up on him, and he never gave up on himself,” Kara said. Due to consistent therapy and Napoleon’s perseverance, he was able to stand up on his own one day. It was a win for him and Kara — their hope became more vibrant. Eventually, the mighty rooster was able to join his friends back in the coop. He showed tremendous improvement every day. Being accompanied by a great person like Kara and being a strong-willed rooster, there is no doubt that walking again was possible.

Napoleon went from standing up with his legs to running around the coop again. His story is one for the books and can serve as an inspiration to anyone feeling hopeless at the moment. The Alpaca Treehouse was the right place for Napoleon, and he had a successful healing process. You can visit and learn more about their place by following them on their socials. They are available on Instagram and TikTok.

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