Rescue Rooster and Chicken Became Each Other’s Soulmates After Meeting at a Sanctuary

From cartoon shows to films, creators have shown how animals could possibly meet their soulmates and have romantic relationships. Humans don’t often witness that in real life, but there’s information on how they choose their mates. However, what happens after the mating process? Do animals maintain those relationships and act sweetly towards one another? It’s indeed an interesting thought. How love works for animals is as mysterious as when it comes to humans.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

There are only a few examples that show how relationships work for them. For instance, the loyalty of lovebirds and rabbits to their partners. They build a bond so strong that grief is inevitable when the other one dies. If soulmates exist for them, how about for the rest in the animal kingdom? Apparently, Amanda from Here With Us Farm Sanctuary has a story for that. In their lovely home for animals, she has a rescue rooster named Shrimp. Along with another rooster, he was abandoned but found a safe place in the sanctuary. He’s a loving and calm rooster that enjoys his days indoors and outdoors. Interestingly, the farm sanctuary did not only provide him with a home, but it was also the bridge that brought him to his soulmate.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

During his indoor stay, the handsome rooster met a charming chick named Basil. Before arriving at the farm, she was supposed to be livestock, then she got rescued along with other chickens. She also got an infection that made her lose one leg. “I feel like it was an instant connection for them. He will run to her now. He doesn’t like to leave her side. If there’s snacks, he lets her have them first. If I throw blueberries on the floor, he would pick ‘em up and put ‘em down in front of her,” Amanda shared. Shrimp is indeed a feathered green flag who’s head over heels for Basil. Amanda also mentioned how the rooster would just stare at her as if he was too mesmerized by Basil’s beauty.

Aside from making Basil feel pretty and caring for her, Shrimp loves to entertain the love of his life. He would dance for her — waiting for her to be impressed and maybe receive a compliment. The sanctuary understands the relationship between the two and that they have a routine. Caretakers even bring them together to the vet so that they won’t get stressed out. It also prevents them from worrying about why the other one is missing. “People will comment you’re putting human emotions on them, and how do you know that they feel this way, and they’re just chickens. And I’m like, if you actually saw them interacting, it’s just so amazing,” Amanda said.

Photo: Youtube/GeoBeats Animals

Indeed, Basil and Shrimp are each other’s soulmates. It seems as though they are so content with each other’s company. Every time Shrimp stares at her, you’ll truly be jealous that a chicken and a rooster are more romantic than humans. Here With Us Farm Sanctuary is filled with all kinds of love, making it the best place for animals. They have been working hard to provide a comfortable life for their beloved rescues since 2018. Shrimp and Basil are two of the 200 animals under the farm’s care. Witness how they make their residents happy by watching Shrimp and Basil’s love story below.

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