College Student Blames Her Roommate for Missing Her First Class

The daily life of a student usually involves annoying phone alarms that they snooze to get that extra five minutes of sleep. But however irritating the alarm is, it helps you get to school on time. Using an alarm clock to divide your hours for studying different subjects is also helpful. Time management will be easier when you utilize an alarm well. For this reason, it’s essential to have your own, whether it’s on your phone or an actual clock.

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If you have dormmates, especially in college, there may be times when your roommate’s alarm wakes you up too. However, it is not wise to depend on someone else’s alarm, especially if your roommate is unaware you’re doing it. You’ll surely be late for class if they turn off the alarm because of a canceled class, an illness, or some other reason. Having your own alarm is a responsibility, because, in college, you are on your own.

Unknown_Unwanted brought this issue up on Reddit, and she wanted to garner opinions from many people to assure herself that she wasn’t the one at fault in the situation.

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According to her post, OP has a roommate who occupies the room adjacent to hers. The walls are thin, so both of them can hear each other as if they’re in the same room. One morning, she woke up at 7:45, which was earlier than her alarm. OP checked her emails and opened a message that indicated her first class was canceled since her professor was sick. It was good news for a student who longed to return to slumber. OP turned off her alarm since her next class wouldn’t be until 12:00 PM.

However, this became bad news for her roommate, who depended on her alarms daily. When OP woke up, she noticed that her roommate was moving quickly and seemed to be running late for class. Unknown_Unwanted went out of her room and saw her roommate in the hallway. Instead of a good morning, OP was greeted with a scowl and an accusation that surprised her. The dormmate said she relied on OP’s alarm since they had the same schedule in the morning. She was furious at OP for turning off her alarm which resulted in her being late.

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“I told her my first class got cancelled and that I wanted to sleep in a little. Then she tells me that, thanks to me, she’s super late for her first class. Apparently, she relies on my alarm going off in the morning rather than setting one herself. I had no idea that was the case and still don’t really understand why she doesn’t have her own alarm set,” Unknown_Unwanted shared.

OP couldn’t believe that her roommate dared to blame her, especially when she was unaware of the problem. She even tried to apologize, even though it wasn’t her fault — only to be ignored. Reddit users comforted her through the comment section, saying that her roommate is not her responsibility. OP didn’t even have to apologize because she did absolutely no wrong.

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“‘I tried to apologise’ NO!! At 20, she can set her own alarm. There was no communication from her [that] she relied on your alarm. She wanted to blame someone other than herself for something 100% HER fault,” RationallySkeptic commented.

Aside from calling out the roommate, people also pointed out that she could have used her own phone. “Seriously, we all have phones, every phone has an alarm app,” DisasteoMaestro wrote.

It’s easier to maneuver college life if you don’t rely on anyone for everything. Setting up your alarm in the evening is your responsibility. It’s easy to create one on your phone, and you don’t even have to buy an alarm clock, as it’s already within your grasp. Blaming others for your faults is truly an alarming behavior — especially condemning someone completely unaware of the issue. Hopefully, OP’s roommate realized her mistakes and started being mature by owning up to those flaws.

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