Man Enters His Robotic Dog Into Prestigious Dog Competition

It’s no secret that technology has advanced astronomically in recent decades. With the recent steps made in artificial intelligence, the plot from the 2004 sci-fi movie I, Robot doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

While we don’t currently have robots ruling the world, the advancement in robotics has come quite a ways and there’s even robotic dogs available now!

Photo: YouTube/Zac Alsop

The UK-based Zak Alsop has built up quite a fanbase on YouTube where he boasts over 1 million subscribers. He decided to purchase a robotic pooch through Unitree and see how the robot would compare to a real-life dog.

In fact, Alsop took things a step further by entering the robotic dog into a dog prestigious dog competition!

Photo: YouTube/Zac Alsop

The robo-dog competed in the same tasks the other dogs competed in, including agility and a dance routine.

While Alsop went into the competition with high hopes for how his “dog” would perform compared to the real dogs, he ran into some technical difficulties.

Since the show was outside in the United Kingdom, the ground was wet, and if you know anything about electronics and water, you realize they don’t do well together.

Photo: YouTube/Zac Alsop

Though the robot dog had some hang-ups, he performed ok all things considered.

Will robot dogs be replacing real canine companions anytime soon? I don’t think so, but that’s up for consumers to decide!

You can see the video below:

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