Sweet Pittie Used As A Bait Dog Refuses To Stop Fighting For Life

When Kati Speer Krouse saw a dog quivering in the woods near a busy highway, she knew she had to stop and help.

She shared with We Love Animals that she approached the dog slowly, but the poor pooch remained terrified and wouldn’t let her get close.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

With the help of some treats and a net, Kati was able to catch the dog, who she named Robin. It was quickly apparent that the poor dog was suffering and on the brink of death.

Robin had obvious puncture wounds on her legs and half her snout was ripped off. After rushing Robin to the vet, she was transferred to the care of Friends of Faye in Woodlands, Texas. However, Kait stayed involved as Robin’s dedicated foster mom.

Friends of Faye shared on Facebook that Robin was likely abused for years and used as a bait dog before being dumped on the side of the road.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Beyond her outward wounds, Robin was suffering from a broken leg, an infection, and she needed emergency surgery.

She was rescued back in January and her recovery has been a roller-coaster. Thankfully, she’s had plenty of “ups” alongside her downs, and the rescue refers to her a true “unicorn” of dogs.

Despite all she’s been through, she just wants to love and be loved!

5 months after the rescue, Kati took to Facebook to share an adorable photoshoot showcasing the healing progress Robin’s made and it’s so precious to see!

The rescue also announced that Robin has finally found her forever home and is now living out her happily ever after.

Check out the video below:

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