Man Rescues Baby Squirrel And Builds A Custom Treehouse For Him

When Ronald C. Milburn walked out to his driveway one day, he noticed something unusual on the ground. It seemed to be a tiny creature and it was clear the little thing needed help, so he scooped the hairless thing up and carried it inside.

According to We Love Animals, Ronald didn’t know what species the critter was at first. It was so tiny and hairless, it appeared to be some kind of rodent. After bringing the critter inside, it eventually became clear that the tiny thing was none other than a baby squirrel.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Ronald took it upon himself to raise the tiny squirrel and do his part to keep him alive. He named the little thing Robert T. Squirrel (or Bobby for short).

It took a lot of work to rehabilitate Robert the Squirrel, but it all paid off when the sweet thing started to grow and show some personality.

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Of course, it couldn’t last forever. Robert was a wild animal, after all.

In a video shared by We Love Animals, he said: “It was time to release [Robert] so I bought a squirrel house. He loved it and that was his home.”

Photo: YouTube/We Love Animals

Ronald added that the squirrel bonded with him and regularly comes into the house as he wants. “He comes in the house when he wants to. We’re friends and sometimes he’ll sit on my knee while I watch television. When he’s ready to go outside just like a pet, he’ll run to the door,” he added.

You can see more of Robert’s story in the video below:

To keep up with Robert and his family, you can follow him on TikTok, @robertsquirrel.

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