Woman “Robbed” Her Roommate Just to Teach Her a Lesson

When you share a house with someone else, it is inevitable to clash and have issues with your roommate. You both came from different households and had different lifestyles. For this reason, it is vital to have healthy communication with your roommate. If you notice that they lack awareness about something, talk to them. Ensure that it will not lead to an immature confrontation.

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However, attempting to change your roommate’s behavior can go wrong when you opt for extreme measures. For instance, pranking a roommate to prove a point can only cause misunderstandings and trust issues. A Reddit user had this experience, and due to the intriguing content, her post gained 10.7k upvotes and 1.8k comments. Her story has two sides. You will see that she and her roommate had their fair share of mishaps — leading to a terrible prank.

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The post was from morefurriesplease, and ever since she was a kid, she felt safe in her city. Consequently, she brought the habit of not locking doors whenever she returned home into her new apartment. Her confidence in the city became a flaw, as her roommate was not brought up like that. Even if OP felt secure, her friend was intensely afraid of any robbing incidents. OP never had a roommate like her — the previous ones did not mind her habit of not locking the doors.

“My roommate (19F), since moving in, has increasingly become more paranoid and anxious. I’ve known her for years and have never seen her like this. She thinks there are cameras in her sink, if she gets a bug bite she assumes she has bugs living in her bed, when she sleeps she has paralysis where [she thinks] someone comes in to kill her. She locks her bedroom door and front door for safety,” OP explained. Ever since morefurriesplease had her roommate, she became more self-aware and is trying to break her habit of leaving the door unlocked.

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Despite making efforts and slowly changing her ways, OP still sometimes left the door unlocked, angering her roommate. The roommate wanted OP to learn her lesson so badly that she decided to take drastic measures. Maybe the roommate believed that the scarier the lesson is, the more it would have a long-lasting effect on her. It certainly scared her, at least. OP came home and described what she witnessed:

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“It looked like a mini tornado whirled through my apartment. I went in my room, and my tv was gone, my mini boba fridge was gone, all my vintage playboys were gone, so much of my clothes vanished,” OP shared. “It was clear, through my eyes, that I had been robbed. I sat on my bed and just sat there in shock. On the verge of tears, I called my father, who didn’t pick up, and I was left defeated practically, lol. Then I jumped up because I was worried for my roommate’s room. She was sitting there waiting for me.”

The roommate was waiting for her with all of OP’s belongings. It had all been a “prank” to scare her and convince her to mend her ways. Since then, OP deliberately ignores her roommate after their argument. Although both contributed to the problem, their mutual friend only called out OP, saying she was overreacting. People from Reddit commented and shared their thoughts about the situation and were divided into different camps.

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“It does not matter how you were raised. The second you started living with others, the game changed,” StAlvis wrote. Teneolupum replied to this comment, saying, “Well, yes. But at the same time, OP acknowledged it was a problem and said they were trying to break the habit. They’re definitely TA for leaving it unlocked. But there’s levels to it, and roommate is on another level. It’s extremely messed up to go straight to ‘invade your privacy and take your stuff to teach you a lesson.’ ESH, but the roommate extra sucks.”

The issue has created a long thread of discussions. Some have been siding with the roommate, and some were empathizing with morefurriesplease. Most of them also see the problem with both women — since they all went too far. What do you think?

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