Wholesome Prank Proposal Went Viral On Reddit For All The Right Reasons

A video quickly climbed my list of favorite wholesome clips I’ve ever seen on the internet.

I’m not afraid to say that I would give anything just to see something like this in real life. Most people are probably sick of prank videos already and dread the idea of being a victim of one, but wait until you see this one.

PHOTO: Youtube/Steven Schapiro

The reason why the man in the picture above is seemingly crying is not because of some cruel joke. If I had to say the reason why this man is emotional, I’d say he’s just so happy about what happened that he can’t help but be moved to tears.

Others would say that being proposed to in a public setting is terrifying, maybe even coercive for some. But this man quickly went from disbelieving to being absolutely chaotically excited.

The video starts with another person, the prankster, walking towards a sitting man and quickly kneeling down on one knee. The unsuspecting victim turns around, confused, but remains calm and seated.

“I know we’ve had our ups and downs,” the kneeling man starts with a ring pop in his hands, “but you know what, none of it means anything to me. My family loves you, I love you… Will you marry me?”

And not a second later, the sitting man replies with an affirmative. Cheers to the newly engaged!

PHOTO: Unsplash/Al Elmes

The successful proposal and the definitive yes occurred in under 15 seconds, yet it’s one of the most dopamine-inducing videos I have ever seen. I guess it’s just the quick acceptance of whatever’s happening that just makes the video super funny. What happened after the proposal is just a wholesome bonus.

So the proposee finally gets up from his seat and hugs the proposer.

“I love you,” says the proposer.

And the proposee, not breaking character, cleverly responds with, “I love you more.”

PHOTO: Youtube/Steven Schapiro

Now if that isn’t wholesome, I don’t know what is.

And then immediately after they broke their hug, the two dudes finally introduced themselves to each other and then went back their separate ways like nothing ever happened.

But, hey, at least the guy got to keep his ring pop!

The prankster isn’t always successful though. Watch him propose to other people in his video below! The most replayed part of the video is the “broposal” btw; it starts at 2:05.

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