Rico The Porcupine Loves To Work Out And Run Laps On His Treadmill

It’s that time of year where we all try to scramble to get back into shape for summer, even though it’s already here!

And no stranger to wanting to get a summer bod is one very cute, large-nosed Brazilian porcupine named Rico.

Photo: Instagram/@cincinnatizoo

This adorably large rodent loves to workout on an exercise wheel. Luckily for us, the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo are very good at capturing a lot of his daily activities on camera in order for the internet to keep up with Rico’s best life.

Watching Rico work out on a spinning wheel is definitely the cutest thing to watch!

Photo: Instagram/@cincinnatizoo

As the video’s caption reads, “Rico the porcupine running on an exercise wheel!”

Check it out below:

But that’s not all that Rico does all day. Besides enjoying his physical fitness routine on an exercise wheel, there are other Instagram reels and pictures of Rico sometimes helping out with cleaning chores. Of course, one of his favorite past times is to enjoy some yummy snacks which are usually followed by a nap.

Check out some of the clips and posts below:

What an adorable little zoo influencer! Besides sharing much of his every day life to Instagram, the zoo also happens to document Rico’s antics in YouTube videos! Watch some more adorable footage of Rico below:

What do you think of this porcupine? Do you think he’s living his best life at the Cincinnati Zoo? Let us know!

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