Dog Plagued With Allergies Gets Some Help And A New Home

Life can be difficult for a dog at the pound. Rhodie is one dog who knows this all too well. After arriving at the Humane Society of Pike’s Peak Region, they discovered that she had some problems and was in a lot of pain.

According to their Facebook post, rescuers noticed that she was missing fur around her eyes, ears, and paws. She also suffered from poor skin and was bright red and sensitive when you touch her.

That was when the rescuers realized that she needed some medical attention. The veterinary team that works along with the Humane Society gave her some special baths and applied ointment to her skin every day.

She also received medication and was put on a special diet, which included Hill’s Science Diet z/d dog food. That food is specifically formulated for canines that have food reactions and helps them with any skin problems.

It didn’t take long before they started to see some success with what they were doing. Her skin started to clear up and she was a lot happier. She was even more comfortable with handling after being examined regularly.

All in all, Rhodie was with them for about a month and during that time, she was made into a new dog. She also got another surprise: A new home! She was adopted.

The Humane Society reports: “[S]he trotted out of the shelter with a smiling snout, allergy medicine, and the cutest human by her side!”

Not only did Rhodie get a new lease on life, but she also got a new home.

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