Safari Park Visitors Had a Heart-Racing Experience After a Rhinoceros Chased Their Jeep

The animal kingdom is such an interesting world that will give you an exhilarating experience. Meeting wild animals is like talking to your inner child and saying that you’ve finally encountered the majestic creatures from your books and fairytales. There are various ways to see a lion walking the grassy fields, an antelope grazing, or a giraffe and its stunning long neck. You can visit them in zoos or national parks that take the visitors on a safari adventure. During the visit, people will tour the park while riding on a tourist jeep — either an enclosed or an open cart-like vehicle.

Photo: Instagram/latestkruger

Safari parks have safely executed tours, and the staff always ensures that no animal attack will happen. However, in Kruger National Park in Africa, tourists encountered a rhinoceros in an anxiety-inducing way. The wild animal suddenly chased their safari jeep, and the woman who had the closest encounter was Anastasia Chapman. She recorded the chase scene, and you can definitely tell that the rhinoceros was running as fast as it could to keep up with the vehicle. Anastasia uploaded the clip on social media along with the full story. Kruger National Park also shared the video on their Instagram page, gaining a lot of engagement.

Photo: Instagram/latestkruger

According to Anastasia’s caption, the rhino charged at them for over a kilometer and chased them for 3 to 4 minutes. “Our guide was driving as fast as he could through the extremely muddy and unstable roads to get us out safely,” she wrote. “This behaviour definitely isn’t normal, and our guide said it was one of his top 5 most dangerous animal encounters to date.” At the end of her caption, Anastasia reminded people that the wild is for animals and humans are only guests in their territories. Although it was a heart-racing experience, she never mentioned how terrible the rhino’s behavior was. She only called it an insane day in nature which has definitely made a mark on her mind.

People in the comment section of Kruger National Park’s post pointed out many things — including the rhino’s impressive stamina. There was also a discussion about the rhino’s real intention. “Seems a playful run, ears forward, not back, almost like it was enjoying the chase and not annoyed….. Any Rhino experts want to comment?” hilt_on commented. Other netizens noticed that detail and even mentioned that the rhino acted like a puppy. No matter the reason, thankfully, no one was harmed during the incident. The video has caught the attention of many people, and you might know someone who takes interest in rhinos. Send them the link to the Instagram reel to start a conversation.

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