Rhino Surprisingly Appeared Amidst a Fun Soccer Game and Won’t Walk Leave the Field

A moment becomes remarkable when something surprising happens amidst the situation. Animals, particularly those species that rarely interact with humans, create funny and weird interactions. One moment a simple scenario turns into a core memory when an animal suddenly barges in, as if the event made them curious and wanted to see if it would also be fun for them. People are often shocked at first and then thrilled. Once they realize what’s happening before their eyes, they know they must capture the moment.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

Those videos are soon uploaded to the internet, and people quickly make the post go viral. One of the animals that had a viral moment was this rhinoceros, who unexpectedly barged onto a soccer field. Before it entered the venue, a fun soccer game was being held, and people cheered for their team. The game suddenly became more interesting when it had to be paused due to the rhinoceros in the middle. Apparently, the wild animal wasn’t there to play but to grab some tasty grass.

Photo: Twitter/Susanta Nanda IFS

In the clip, you’ll see two guys trying hard to move the rhinoceros safely. It seriously won’t budge, even when the game has already resumed. The grass on the field must have been really scrumptious for the rhino not to care about its surroundings. After several nudges and pushes, the rhino moved but still stopped again for a moment. The men slowly and safely removed the wild animal from the field. Thankfully, no human nor rhinoceros was hurt during the situation.

The video was uploaded by IFS officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter. He tweeted the clip with the caption, “Trying hard to substitute the player.” Twitter users had fun tweeting replies, and one person even said, “Should have waved a red card.” The tweet currently has 397.7k views, 161 retweets, and 1,249 likes. You might want to retweet or send your friends and family a link to this tweet.

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