Netizens Are Shocked and in Disbelief at the Reverse Flow of This Waterfall Shared on Twitter

Spending time on the internet can help you explore the world without transportation. Although it’s not the same as experiencing it firsthand, you still learn about various new things you never knew were possible. You are given information about animals, plants, human health, societal issues, history, or anything under the sun. You’ll be shocked that the world keeps on being enigmatic even though we’ve studied it so thoroughly. You’ll still be amazed by the random surprises people discover and post online.

Photo: Twitter/Weird and Terrifying

It’s a beautiful reminder that the world is vast and that humans don’t know everything yet. Society will continuously learn about the planet Earth, and mysteries will be revealed one by one. But before you believe a particular piece of content, ensure that you fact-check every detail. Some people are good at creating make-believe information or manipulating photos to deceive others. The internet may contain informative posts, but not every account provides legit sources. However, some content is hard to believe even when it’s real. For instance, a waterfall with a reverse flow was found in India.

You’d think the clip was edited, but it’s an actual phenomenon. Waterfalls tend to retreat backward at times due to strong winds pushing the water upwards. The highlight of the astounding video is the Naneghat waterfall which can be found in Maharashtra’s Junnar. It is both magnificent and terrifying at the same time — you can really see the water floating in the air as if someone is controlling it. After watching the clip, you won’t ever deny the greatness of nature as it leaves the world in awe. People on the internet could not help but share their thoughts by replying to the tweet shared by a curating account named Weird and Terrifying.

In their viral post, they wrote, “Due to strong winds, this waterfall ‘flows’ upwards.” The tweet garnered 376k views, 2,865 retweets, and 15.1k likes. I am The Eater of Worlds replied, “That must be like 300 mph winds to do such a thing.” Perhaps it was, and the strong winds were apparent on the video — the water’s force could not even fight it off. Twitter users kept on tagging their friends in the extraordinary waterfall phenomenon post. It was indeed a great conversation starter and good food for the mind.

Apparently, the natural phenomenon does not only happen in India but also in other parts of the world. Back in 2015, a waterfall from County Leitrim, Ireland, also had updrafts reversing water flow during Storm Desmond. The video captured how the water tried to follow its original course, but the strong winds were unstoppable. It might be scary to watch, but it will also make you realize how nature is a force you must not test. Nature has outstanding skills that could leave your jaw on the floor and make you more curious about the world you live in. Hit the retweet or quote retweet button to discuss the waterfall with your friends.

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