Stranger Who Grabbed Another Man’s Seat Ended Up Regretting It

From airplanes and buses to ships and ferries, the window seat is always everyone’s choice. Even in restaurants with breathtaking views, you can expect the best seats to be already reserved.

However, when it comes to public transport, reservations are prohibited. It’s done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Yet, a little courtesy will make traveling easier and more enjoyable.

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And if this newcomer had been a little courteous, he would have experienced a pleasurable trip instead of being taught a lesson that he wouldn’t forget.

The Original Poster shared this story on Reddit’s r/Malicious Compliance, which happened while their family was on a sightseeing tour. With the username u/mommymacbeth, OP began her post with these details, “We (my aunt and uncle, cousin, and dad) were on a long sightseeing ferry ride. It was a two hour ride with one stop in the middle. We were the first to get on the ferry, so all of us blocked the window seats in a straight line. It’s public transport, and there’s no concept of reservation, it’s first come first serve. We were sitting in the air-conditioned cabin and had the option of going out on the main deck. Just as we stopped in the middle, my dad went out on the main deck to take some pictures and enjoy the fresh air. Another man gets on the ferry at this stop and takes my dad’s window seat, though there were a few other window seats left. My aunt and I told him a number of times quite politely that someone is sitting there, but he only said, ‘I speak French,’ and proceeded to not hear us.”

Moments later, according to OP, her dad returned, and he informed the newcomer that he was sitting in his seat. Instead of answering his dad, the man quickly called security and complained. The security told OP’s dad, “Sir, this is public transport, seats cannot be reserved.”

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OP’s dad answered that that was alright and took a seat beside the man. However, after about 10 minutes had passed, the man got up to go to the deck. He put his bag on his seat to reserve it. But OP’s dad asked the man to remove his bag, since seat reservation was not allowed. When the man refused, OP’s dad also refused to get off his seat so the man could pass.

OP wrote about what happened next: “He became very flustered and started clapping his hands and calling for security. Security was also on the deck for the time being, but a barista was there. This man called the barista to help who didn’t understand French either, so he told them in Arabic that my dad was refusing to move to let him out of the seat. The barista was flabbergasted and asked my dad why. I know Arabic, so I intervened and clarified the situation, that is, the man was keeping his bag and reserving his seat, which he told my dad is not allowed. By this time, the man had sorta climbed over my dad to go and call security, and my dad hadn’t budged. Keep in mind that my dad isn’t a small man and is quite big with broad shoulders, and the sight of a tiny French man climbing around him was really funny.”

And, once more, security arrived and the man made another complaint. But when security asked OP’s dad, he simply answered, “You told me moments ago that reserving seats isn’t allowed. He was keeping his bag and going out to the deck, thus reserving his seat because no one would sit down in a seat with a bag in it.”

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As a result, security informed the man that he was not allowed to save the seat and he was obliged to remove his bag. But, instead of OP’s dad occupying the vacated seat, he got up and took a seat beside OP.

The Frenchman was full of rage, spilling out disgusting words. But he never returned to the window seat in dispute.

Meanwhile, OP also answered a few questions from commenters with the following, “For everyone saying we should not have blocked a bunch of window seats, firstly, the ferry was mostly empty and a lot of window seats were empty because we went during non-peak hours. Secondly, it was a vacation, all of us paid for the seats and wanted to have the best experience. It wasn’t traveling from point A to point B; it was a sightseeing tour, and we wanted the best views individually, not to sit as a group and have one person enjoy it. And no one was screaming to talk to the others; we might take the best seats, but we are still courteous. My dad didn’t call security the first time or the second. In both instances, the man called security. The first time, my dad requested him to move once, and he said he doesn’t speak English and got security involved.”

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Here are some of the comments:

TheFett32 says, “NTA, because the other guy had jumped straight to calling security. The dad had only asked him if he’d be willing to move, his response was just to say, ‘I only speak French’ and call security. Extreme escalation, the dad responded by being petty. But also awesome. Sometimes people need to be petty to prove the point, this is one of those.”

A comment from paintender says, “Don’t touch the bag, call security and tell them it was abandoned by a suspicious person. Let the bomb squad move the bag for you.”

Meanwhile, not_so_chi_couple remarked, “Your dad is nicer than me, that bag 100% would have been kicked down the aisle and seat stolen had it been me. What did that guy think would happen after making a big stink about not saving seats?”

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