Rescued Kitten Clings Tightly To Woman Who Saved Her Life

When Pawly first wound up at a Las Vegas shelter, rescuers weren’t sure if the tiny grey kitten would survive. Rescued Treasures Cat Café promptly placed Pawly and her 3 siblings in foster care, but, unlike her larger siblings, this runt of the litter only seemed to decline.

Pawly’s failing health led her foster mom to contact Patrica Lika, a volunteer rescuer with experience fostering critically-ill kittens. “Pawly was extremely underweight and fragile,” Lika told Love Meow, recalling how she privately worried this kitten might already be too far gone.

Photo: Facebook/Fosterkittensvegas

“She had very low blood levels and an upper respiratory infection,” Lika recalled. “We started her on antibiotics and around the clock critical care protocol. She was so weak and fading that it worried me it was too late.”

By the time Pawley was 6 weeks old, the kitten still weighed just half a pound, but she still let it be known that she appreciated all her rescuer’s efforts. “She was so sweet, purred non-stop and loved being held,” said Lika, who named the kitten “Pawly” because she was missing a paw on one of her back feet.

Photo: Facebook/Fosterkittensvegas

After several days of intensive care, this miracle kitten suddenly turned a corner. One day, Pawly just perked up and began running, jumping, and bouncing around the apartment. “As soon as she felt better and had more energy, she came out of her shell and started to play,” Lika said.

Photo: Facebook/Fosterkittensvegas

Now Pawly, who is growing stronger each day, follows Lika around like a shadow. This begins in the morning, when the kitten greets Patricia as she wakes up, and continues throughout the day as Pawly plays hide-and-seek with the pillows and then finally curls up beside her human to fall asleep.

Nor has the kitten’s deformed back paw seemed to have slowed her down any. “She enjoys company a lot, loves dogs, and is quite the little climber despite being born without her back paw,” said Lika. “She gets around perfectly fine.”

Meet Pawly 💕 this little girl came to us yesterday because she is extremely under weight and not thriving or gaining…

Posted by Fosterkittensvegas on Sunday, September 6, 2020

Best of all is seeing how Pawly has transformed from a critically ill kitten into a healthy, playful feline, which wouldn’t have been possible without the many heroes, including Lika, who helped out along the way. “Pawly made a full turn-around and recovery,” said Lika. “She is a very special girl and will make some family very happy one day.”

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