Pit Bull’s Favorite Blanket Helps Him to Recover from Trauma of Being a Bait Dog

Bubby was rescued from a dogfighting ring that used the pit bull puppy as a bait dog.

But rescuing him from a horrid condition did not immediately heal Bubby. Katharine, his adoptive fur mom, observed that the dog had developed serious separation anxiety, which she wanted to help the dog to overcome.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

Time and patience were what it required. Katharine started with crate training, placing a soft pillow and a cotton blanket for Bubby to sleep with. Then, she let the pit bull out in the morning.

Bubby’s behavior after coming out of the crate made Katharine laugh. He was wiggling his body, wagging his tail, and snorting in happiness. She also saw him return to the crate to grab his blanket and started to parade with it around the house.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

From then on, it was Bubby’s morning routine. But these days, the cotton blanket never leaves his side. The pit bull will take it everywhere with him and sometimes brings his pillow along too. They make him feel peaceful and happy.

Katharine felt so glad, too, upon seeing the positive changes in Bubby. To provide him with company, Katharine adopted another dog to be his brother.

Photo: YouTube/The Dodo

What happened next? The two pit bulls quickly became best friends, and Simon, the new dog, began imitating Bubby’s habit of carrying his blanket everywhere. Other times, the two dogs choose to parade with their toys around the house, wiggling and snorting.

Katharine can hardly stop laughing! The two dogs look huge, but they behave like innocent puppies.

At last, Bubby’s nightmare is over. He appears to have recovered even from emotional scars and found true happiness with his ever-supportive family!

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