Chihuahua Found Covered In Fleas In Abandoned Home Transforms Into “Love Bug”

Meet Chico.

The tiny Chihuahua had a rough start to life, but that all changed when he met his mom, Debbie.

In 2015, he was found covered in fleas and parasites in an abandoned home alongside other malnourished pups. He weighed just four pounds, and the tips of his ears were missing fur due to fly bites.

He was brought to a local rescue along with his siblings. Debbie told us that she was looking for a smaller dog and her friend who works closely with a shelter told her about Chico.

Photo: Debbie

“Chico was very terrified,” recalls Debbie.

Her son went with her to meet Chico and they both fell in love with the neglected pup. “So, we when we saw him, we were drawn to him immediately. My son was with me at the time, and he just kept saying he needs to go home with us today. They did make an exception with the adoption process and let us take him.”

The first year of his life he had been mistreated by humans and was unsure if he could trust them.

“We brought him home and it took about 3 days for him to make a sound. He didn’t bark, whine, or anything for like 3 whole days.”

Once he realized that he was safe he let his true personality show.

The now 9-year-old dog has a larger-than-life personality that his mom shares with the world through Instagram. She calls him a “pampered pup” and said, “he’s not your typical Chihuahua who hates everybody but one person. He loves my family. He loves my parents.”

Chico is always up for any adventure, as long as he is near his mom. He is living his best life.

Debbie said adopting Chico changed her life and her family’s life.

Chico loves to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house and can barely contain his excitement when they pull in their driveway. The sweet pup has helped Debbie’s mom get over her fear of dogs and she now feels comfortable petting and snuggling with Chico.

When he isn’t spending time with family members, Chico loves to cuddle up on soft blankets and nap. He shares his home with another rescue dog named Stella. The 13-year-old Labrador adores her little brother.

Debbie shared, “Chico and Stella get along well. They’re like Mutt and Jeff to me. One’s really big and one’s really small. It’s kind of a strange combination there.”

The handsome fella loves to show off his good looks and doesn’t mind posing for photos wearing bandanas, bow ties, or any other outfit his mom comes up with.

Debbie hopes everyone will consider adopting because she has found her “dream dogs” and knows others can too.

Chico is loved beyond measure and that is what all dogs deserve. Debbie said, “I truly believe that dogs know when they’re rescued. They feel that love, and he loves us back.”

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